Religious Education

Epping Upland has a Church of England foundation and enjoys a very positive relationship with the Diocese of Chelmsford. We try to ensure that our children learn to understand, value and respect the beliefs of all faiths.

Religious education is taught in accordance with the Essex agreed syllabus.

Daily acts of collective worship take place. Many of the festivals of the year, eg. Harvest, Christmas and Easter, are usually marked with special events. The religious education we offer is not solely specific to the Church of England – we provide opportunities for pupils to explore the beliefs, attitudes, values and practices of other major religions.

Parents who wish their child to be withdrawn from RE and collective worship are asked to inform the Headteacher.

The School is closely linked with All Saints Church. Regular religious assemblies are held by the Reverend’s Olivia Maxwell-Coote or Lee Batson and school services are held throughout the year within the church.

The DFE’s Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspection is conducted on a regular basis and in general, follows an OFSED inspection. You can read about the SIAMS inspection process here.