Vision Statement

‘All things are possible for one who believes’ Mark 9:23

Epping Upland, as a church school, seeks to be a community where pupils feel that they belong. In being a safe, secure, happy and nurturing environment, we aim to reflect the love of God in our relationships, attitudes, standards, teachings and way of life.

We aim to mirror the value God places upon on each individual and recognise that every child is their own unique being and needs nurturing as such. We believe that all pupils are entitled to equal regard and opportunity in their learning and the experiences offered.

We seek to thread our Christian Values of Perseverance, Trust, Responsibility and Compassion through everything we do and everything we seek to achieve.

We accept our responsibility to provide excellence within a broad, balanced, stimulating and relevant curriculum that seeks to develop the potential of every child, giving them every opportunity to achieve their potential and be the best that they can be. We seek
to educate our children emotionally, morally, spiritually and socially, as well as academically and aim to empower our children so that they believe in who they are and consider themselves as valued and important.

We aim to develop a love of learning and positive, enquiring minds in order that our children can be independent learners who have the confidence and belief to succeed in the challenges of the twenty first century.