Christmas Assemblies 2021

It is with very great pleasure that I introduce our Christmas Assemblies.

With enormous thanks to Mat and Vicky @synconthegreen, we are able to share with you your child’s Christmas performance. Filming was continuous, so what you see is as it happened! Thank you too to Scott Ferguson for then doing what needed to be digitally done to upload and password protect.

Last year, very many of you commented on being able to watch the performance over and over again and how much pleasure that gave to you and your families. I hope that once more, you enjoy the magic your children bring. We would respectfully request however that you do not share the passwords.

So, without any further ado, locate your password and enjoy – the children of Epping Upland bring to you a little bit of Christmas to warm your heart and lift your spirit.

Blackbirds Christmas Assembly

Chaffinch Christmas Assembly

Owls Christmas Assembly

Robins Christmas Assembly

Starlings Christmas Assembly

Woodpeckers Christmas Assembly

Sparrows Christmas Assembly