Parent Governor Election June 2019

Personal or Nomination Statements

The following are the personal or nomination statements of the candidates for the vacancy of Parent Governor at Epping Upland CofE Primary School. The term of office will be for four years.

Candidates in alphabetical order

Laura Cox

I nominate Laura as I feel she brings a new child’s parent’s perspective. She is motivated and her work background brings a great wealth of knowledge. She is a very fair and understanding person and I feel she could be a fantastic asset to the school.

Manni Marway

I am a strong believer in the value and importance of a well balanced education and social environment.

In 2019, I will have 3 children enrolled at the school, hopefully, with a fourth joining in a few years. As a family we are committed to the school with my wife, Nikki, already active as part of the PTA.

I have an entrepreneurial and corporate background delivering technology for a number of well known brands as part of a senior management team. Leadership is a key part of my role and that means listening, understanding, being empathic and getting things done. A large part of my life has been about hiring people and building teams, much of which is about culture, behaviours and emotional intelligence. Therefore, creating the environment to succeed is where my focus would be.

I am hands-on, pragmatic and easy to talk to and get on with.

I would welcome the opportunity to help the school in any capacity I can.

Emma O’Brien

I have a longstanding connection to the school as my Mum taught there for over a decade. The teaching and pastoral care provided to my son (Year 2) has been outstanding so I am a strong advocate of the school. My daughter will join in 2020 so I’ll be connected for many years to come.
In terms of skillset; I’m Senior Communications Manager at Barclays and work closely with senior leaders to translate their vision and strategy to colleagues, to drive financial performance. At university, I studied Economics and elements of accounting so I’d feel comfortable taking part in financial decisions.

Amelda Woest

I think Epping Upland is an excellent primary school, delivering high quality learning opportunities both within, and outside, the classroom.
It would be an honour to contribute to the outstanding level of input that Epping Upland is known for.

I feel I could be a great asset as Parent Governor, as I have wide experience in the Finance Industry, with more than 12 years’ experience in various Finance Sectors.
All my work experience has been in the Corporate world dealing with Financial Planning, Budgets and Cost reporting.
For the past three years I have been operating as an Accountant home-based, and doing projects involving Data Analysis.

I have a deep interest in Safeguarding and I’m involved with Family Counselling in my Church. I have completed a course, Keys2Freedom, with various Safeguarding aspects.

I feel passionately about primary school education, and more specifically about Epping Upland.
My boys, Zain and Keane, already attend Epping Upland, and it has been a hugely positive experience for our family thus far.
I trust my two younger children, Liam and Xander, will be joining them too in about 2 years’ time – so I plan to be involved within the School for several more years!

If elected, I would work with energy and enthusiasm to help Epping Upland maintain its high standards, and meet future challenges.
I feel I understand the requirements of the role, and that I would be approachable and accessible to other parents.
I would be privileged to represent parents and carers in this way.

Thank you for considering my application.