After School Club

13th March 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

After School Club

I am very aware that I have not yet responded to you with regard to the questionnaire we put out in January which was trying to gauge the level of interest in an After School Club. This is largely because the responses were very inconclusive and as such we are struggling to come up with a viable model.
Every time parents ask about the possibility of us running an after school club, they say that they also know that there are many parents who would take it up if it was offered – but responses do not tend to echo this.

There are also added complications for the school in the logistical running of an After School Club – in that every day there is a ‘paid for’ after school activity running, meaning that access to the hall is not feasible until about 4:30pm. As such, we would require an additional space prior to this time. Teachers usually want to work in their classrooms immediately after school and the IT suite is limited in its space.

Additionally, responses indicated that parents would want their children to attend the activity related after school club and then come onto the childcare after school club – but then would not want to pay for that first hour. This causes us significant difficulty as staff would still need to be paid for the first hour of that time.

Parents also expressed that they would wish to pay by the hour so that they can collect their children early on occasions if they choose. Again, this has implications for staff salaries.

Some parents said they would only want to use it on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, which equally poses salary issues.

Most significant still however is the uptake issue, which currently, with the amount of money parents have indicated they would be happy to pay, does not make the childcare viable.

That said, I am still exploring ways to facilitate an After School Childcare Club, although even if we do proceed it will not now be until September 2019.

I will write again shortly and either advise as to whether we can come up with a viable model to offer or equally, if we are not able to make appropriate provision.
Yours sincerely
Sarah Hurwood