Internet Safety

28th February 2019

Internet Safety- MOMO challenge warning

Dear Parents/Carers

I am forwarding you some information about an Internet craze called MOMO Challenge which has recently resurfaced. I have attached some guidance for parents on this issue which you may find useful.
I am bringing this to your attention because I know some of our children have mentioned this in school.

Please take some time to read the attached guidance. I would urge you to consider the level of detail you might share with your child and ensure it is both age-appropriate and doesn’t cause undue worry and upset. For Primary aged pupils, it would be appropriate to reinforce the importance of your child speaking to you or an adult in school should they come across anything that makes them feel worried or distressed whilst using the Internet or when playing online games. I would strongly advise against sharing the image of the Momo character as this could be very distressing and upsetting for our children.

This link is on our Twitter page.

Kind regards

Sarah Hurwood
Head Teacher