Severe Weather Closures

16th January 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

Procedures for Severe Weather School Closures

Whilst we really hope that we do not have to follow any procedures to close the school due to severe weather conditions, it seems prudent, with rumours of a cold snap, to send out a reminder about our procedures.

The decision to close school is never one that is taken lightly. The overriding consideration always has to be the safety of pupils and staff. Whatever decision is taken, we know that it will not suit everyone. Some parents prefer us to close as it means it takes the decision away from them as to whether to make the journey or not, other parents prefer us to stay open regardless of the implications. Whenever possible, we will endeavour to stay open, but sometimes contributing factors prevent this.

A compromise that appears to have been reached over the past couple of years, that parents appear to prefer, is to open slightly later as this means the roads have started to thaw and are slightly less busy, making the journey easier – and to close slightly earlier before the snow starts to freeze again. But even arriving at this as a decision, is not always possible.

Should the weather suggest that there is a question as to whether school will be open as usual, the following should be noted:
• We will endeavour to post a tweet on our Twitter page
• We will endeavour to post up to date information on our own school website
• We will endeavour to make sure that the school phone is manned to answer your queries
• We will endeavour to post a notification on the Essex County Council website

Past experience tells us that sometimes some of these methods fail, but not all have failed at the same time! Therefore if one method is unhelpful, there is hopefully a back-up one to notify you as to what is happening.

Our main aim will be to notify through our own school website and Twitter to keep you updated as to the situation. It is also helpful if parents are able to pass on information they receive to each other as not all parents choose to access these methods.

Once the school does reopen, please ensure that the children have appropriate footwear and clothing so that they are comfortable and dry when they are in lessons.

Yours sincerely
Sarah Hurwood