Non Uniform Day 16th November

5th November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

Non Uniform Day – Friday 16th November

As you will know, the PTA have organised for the children to have a non- uniform day on Friday 16th November, in exchange for your child bringing in some form of chocolate as a donation towards the Christmas fair.

Checking dates, we have now realised that Friday 16th November is also Children in Need day, which is something the school always chooses to recognise as a charity event with the children.

Therefore, if you would like to support Children in Need and the causes they fundraise for, please could you, as well as bringing in some item of chocolate for the PTA, bring in a monetary donation to go towards Children in Need. This is of course, not obligatory.

We would however support the PTA in their request that your child may wear their own clothes on Friday 16th November in exchange for the donation of chocolate that has been requested.

Apologies for the ‘double’ ask but hope you recognise both causes as being important.

Yours sincerely


Sarah Hurwood