27th February 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Regrettably, I have had some very, and understandably, irate residents complaining about the way parents are parking, but possibly more frustrating than that, complaining about the attitudes of parents with regard to their perceived rights as to how and where they can park their car.

Parents are reported as being abusive and aggressive to residents not just in Carters Lane, but in most other roads in the village. We have also received photographic evidence from a resident of illegal parking in the village and the school being asked to pay for damage to personal property.

There is always the view that there are two sides to every story. However, I cannot see that parking on the driveway of somebody else, or across the driveway of somebody else without their permission is ever acceptable.

Selfish and inconsiderate parking is not acceptable, no matter the length of time. Seconds or minutes, which is often given by parents as a justification, is as unacceptable as it would be for a longer period.

Residents and neighbours should be able to pull onto the driveway of their own house whenever they choose. They should not have to face challenge or abuse. They should not be told it is their own fault for living near a school.

Once again, I remind you that:

  • Double parking in any of the roads in the village is unacceptably dangerous and illegal
  • Under no circumstances should residents’ driveways be blocked or parked on
  • There should be no parking or waiting on the side of the road nearest the school where there are yellow zig zag lines
  • No cars should park or wait in the turning points outside the school
  • No cars should park or wait by the entrance to the staff car park  – the only exception being the school taxi service
  • There is strictly no parking allowed by or in the lane leading to Copped Hall. This is private land and parents/carers have no entitlement of access to it, for parking, turning, or otherwise.
  • Parents being abusive to each other or anyone are not a good example to set and simply models inappropriate behaviour to the children – a type of behaviour that most parents would object to if their own child was experiencing similar in school.

I know and completely recognise that parking is challenging. It is an inherent school problem – not just at Epping Upland, but for schools across the district. Please however be considerate in your parking and reflect upon how you would want people parking outside your own house.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Hurwood