Breakfast Club

Dear Parents & Carers,

Breakfast Club

As you are aware Breakfast Club has been running since January. Unfortunately, despite initially committing to a place at the agreed price, a number of parents have now decided not to continue. This means that the club is no longer financially viable.

A number of parents have said they would be willing to use Breakfast Club if the price was lower. In order to bring the price down, without compromising on standards, we would need a commitment of at least 15 children per day at the cost of £5.

If you are interested in taking a place at this reduced cost please complete and return the slip below. If enough parents commit we will be able to continue to run the club.

If you are unsure that Breakfast Club would be suitable for your child, we will be running a Taster Session next Tuesday 28th February at a cost of £5. This price will include a choice of breakfast, including pancakes as it is Shrove Tuesday. Please complete the slip below with the £5 payment in a sealed envelope.

The continuation of Breakfast Club will depend upon the responses and uptake from this letter.

Yours sincerely,
Cathy Newland
Deputy Headteacher