After School Club

27th June 2018

Dear Parents & Carers,

After School Club

Thank you for your responses to our ‘interest in After School Club’ letter. After due consideration, having studied and collated your responses, we have decided it will not be viable for us to run an After School Club at this time as there is not enough interest.

We will, of course, reconsider running a club in the future should the situation change.

Term Dates

Please find attached a copy of the term dates for the Academic Year 2018-2019. Five Teacher Training Days are included and these are:

Tuesday September 4th 2018
Friday October 19th 2018
Monday February 25th 2019
Friday 21st June 2019
Monday 24th June 2019

We hope by giving you plenty of notice you will be able to book your family holidays outside of term time. Our Attendance Rates were raised as an area of concern by OFSTED and by SIAMS in our church inspection. Holiday in term time will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Hurwood



21st May 2018

Dear Parents and Carers
Please can I remind you that this Friday, 25th May is a normal school day that finishes at 3:05 pm.

If, as many of you have already chosen to ‘tell’ us, decide to take your child out of school early ‘to avoid the traffic’ for your forthcoming weekend/holiday, might I remind you that you need to complete a Request for Leave of Absence form.

This half term ends on Friday 25th May – not before. Therefore, it is not acceptable for parents to be suggesting that we should re-arrange our school plans. We, along with the DfE, expect pupils to be in school during term time. If parents choose to take their child out of school during term time, that is your choice as parents, not the school’s.

Over the past month, I have had in excess of 30 applications for Leave of Absence. This does not include parents who have taken their child out of school without notification. As previously stated in past communications, should you take your child out of school, please expect to be issued with a Penalty Notice.

I also remind you, that your children, their friends, the grapevine and Social Media all inform us as to where you and your child/ren may be, even when you have told us that they are ill.

As I continually remind parents, our school attendance percentages cause concern on a regular basis with the Department of Education. Our Ofsted Inspection and our recent SIAMS Inspection both criticised our level of attendance. This clearly is a problem that is not going to go away whilst some parents continually choose to take their child/ren out of school during term time.


Sarah Hurwood


Internet Safety Evening

14th May 2018
Dear Parents and Carers

E- Safety Evening

E- safety is hugely significant in today’s world, particularly where young people are involved. The internet has changed the way we live our lives, having many and varied advantages. However, it poses risk and danger for young people if it is not used responsibly, safely and sensibly. Understanding the dangers and risks are essential for us as adults if we are to protect our children in this digital age.

On Thursday 24th May, we have invited back EST, E-safety Training (http://www.esafetytraining.org/) to come into school to work with our KS2 pupils during the day and then with parents in an evening presentation.

The last time ‘The Two Johns’ were in, many parents commented upon their excellence in helping to highlight how exposed the children are to risk when using the internet, whilst also detailing what parents can do to minimise this. John and John are both ex policeman. They have an excellent reputation for being informative and knowledgeable about their subject whilst also being engaging presenters. Their messages are ‘hard- hitting’ but relevantly and appropriately adapted to suit their audience.

The talk for parents starts at 7:00pm and lasts approximately two hours. You are able to bring along friends and relatives but due to the nature of this adult presentation, children are not able to attend. However, because we want to encourage as many parents as possible to come, Mrs Newland and Mrs Colgate have kindly said they will be available to supervise Epping Upland pupils, should you be unable to sort out childcare. We will have a KS1 space and a KS2 space. This will only apply however to pupils of our school.

Should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Sarah Hurwood

I will be attending the Internet Safety Evening 
I will not be attending the Internet Safety Evening 
I will be bringing my son/daughter………………………………………………………..(name of child) to be looked after by Mrs Newland
I will be bringing my son/daughter………………………………………………………..(name of child) to be looked after by Mrs Colgate